Who we are?


“GBM Engineering” is a construction company, established in 2001.  We are experts in construction, architectural design, renovation, restoration and refurbishment of buildings. Upbuilding and reconstruction of heating, water and sewage installations. Purchasing, construction or furnishing of real estate with the purpose of investment sales. 

History and Vision

The company is managed by Eng. Georgi Borissov Malyov, certified construction engineer with over 35-year experience in the field, being involved for 23 years with different governing positions in the Military Construction Forces and as its General Manager in the period 1999 – 2001.

The company’s good reputation seal are all the projects, executed under the supervision and guidance of the team, being involved in the management and also establishing solid relations with investors like “Ministry of Defense”, “Bulgarian – American Investment Fund”, “Social Assistance Agency and Rehabilitation and Social Integration Fund”, “Ministry of Health Services”, “National Social Security Institute”, Ministry of Interior”, etc.

An undisputed advantage of the company is also the constant care for solidifying and increasing of its employees’ qualification, as well as their introduction to the latest construction practices.

“GBM Engineering” EOOD has divisions in the cities of Plovdiv, Stara Zagora and Varna which allows for the seamless increase of engineering power and workers, depending on necessities and independently of the sites’ location throughout the country. The company potential is substantial which allows for the execution of large number of projects, differing in their characteristics and location, as well as for the transfer of resources, needed for the execution of construction works in short time periods.

Meet the team

Company structure

Our structure is according latest requirements of ISO and give us maximum flexibility in every aspect of our business and maximum control over all processes.



Facts & figures

Short description of GBM Engineering duties and principles.
Experience and what the company do.

We are trusted and reliable partner and for 12 years we’ve made over 60 successful projects. You can find below out realization between 2002 and 2009.

3 829 000 BGN
1 306 000 BGN
3 048 000 BGN
4 186 000 BGN
3 045 000 BGN
2 750 000 BGN
2 809 000 BGN
2 637 000 BGN